The myth of normal: Trauma, illness & healing in a toxic culture

‘It all starts with waking up… to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing’ Western countries invest billions in healthcare, yet mental illness and chronic diseases are on a seemingly unstoppable rise. Nearly 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs. So what is ‘normal’ when it comes to health? Over four decades […]

Suicidal histories in adults experiencing psychological trauma: Exploring vulnerability and protective factors

Objective This study aimed to identify vulnerability and protective factors for suicidal histories among adults experiencing psychological trauma. Method Adults seeking treatment for psychological trauma (N = 113) completed self-report questionnaires measuring childhood trauma history, self-concept, relational functioning, emotion regulation, living arrangements, employment status, marital status, and suicidal history. Independent samples t-tests were used to determine variables on […]

Trauma exposure and suicidality in a pediatric emergency psychiatric population

Objectives: The increasing rates of depression and suicidality in children and adolescents are reflected in the increasing number of mental health-related visits to emergency departments. Despite the high rates of traumatic exposure experienced by high-acuity children and adolescents and a known link to suicidal ideation, the systematic review of trauma history is not a consistent part […]

The frequency and subjective impact of painful and provocative events on the acquired capability for suicide

Background: Leading theoretical explanations for suicide state that for suicide death to occur, a person must have sufficient capability to enact an attempt. Exposure to painful and provocative events is hypothesized to play an important role in acquiring the capability for suicide over a lifetime. Unfortunately, assessment tools for painful and provocative events have focused solely […]

The association between childhood trauma and lifetime suicide attempts among a sample of male prisoners: A pilot observational study

Background Prisoners have higher rates of suicide attempts compared with general population. A history of childhood trauma (CT) is common among incarcerated subjects and it is a well-known risk factor for lifetime suicide attempts. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to investigate whether lifetime suicide attempts may be related to the exposition to CT […]

Trauma, child development, healing and resilience: A review of literature with focus on Indigenous peoples and communities

Historical trauma refers specifically to the inter-generational impact of colonization on Indigenous peoples. In the 1990s, the mental health issues suffered by Indigenous people in Canada were first conceptualized as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Later researchers briefly began developing the concept of ‘residential school survivor syndrome,’ but then settled on the term historical trauma to […]

Intergenerational trauma: Convergence of multiple processes among First Nations people in Canada.

Given the lengthy and traumatic history of stressors experienced by Aboriginal peoples, it might be expected that such intergenerational effects may be particularly notable. In the present review we outline some of the behavioural disturbances associated with stressful/traumatic experiences (e.g., depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse disorder), and describe the influence of several […]

A comparison of adolescents engaging in self-injurious behaviors with and without suicidal intent: Self-reported experiences of adverse life events and trauma symptoms.

Research comparing adolescents engaging in suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), both separately and in combination, is still at an early stage. The purpose of the present study was to examine overlapping and distinguishable features in groups with different types of self-injurious behaviors. These findings draw attention to the importance of considering the cumulative exposure of […]

Evidence-based treatments for children with trauma-related psychopathology as a result of childhood maltreatment: a systematic review.