School division policies related to suicide prevention and response: A MERC research and policy brief

Growing challenges with youth mental health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has included increases in suicidal ideation and behaviors, adding to the recent urgency in PK-12 school systems to ensure that students  receive the mental and emotional support that they need. This research and policy brief focuses on what can be done at […]

Evaluating the impact of alcohol policy on suicide mortality: A sex-specific time-series analysis for Lithuania

Objective: It is reasonable to believe that the alcohol policy environment can impact the suicide mortality rates in a given country, considering the well-known link between alcohol use and death by suicide. The current literature, albeit limited, suggests that an increase in alcohol taxation may result in a decrease in deaths by suicide and that the […]

Youth suicide prevention and intervention: Best practices and policy implications

This open access book focuses on the public health crisis of youth suicide and provides a review of current research and prevention practices. It addresses important topics, including suicide epidemiology, suicide risk detection in school and medical settings, critical cultural considerations, and approaches to lethal means safety. This book offers cutting-edge research on emerging discoveries […]

Policies and procedures for patient transfer from community clinics to emergency departments under the mental health act: Review and policy scan

Objective The objective of this commentary is to summarize the few findings from the scientific literature pertaining to humane mental health transfer practices in the province of Ontario as well as the broader Canadian and international context. These findings are juxtaposed with a policing policy scan concerning the Ontario and Canadian contexts. The practice of […]

Considerations for implementing a three-digit suicide prevention number in Canada: Policy brief

The purpose of this policy brief is to outline considerations for implementing a three-digit suicide prevention number in Canada. It reviews several relevant international contexts; specifically, the implementation of a three-digit suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline (988) in the United States (U.S.) and the recently approved 113 number in the Netherlands. In addition, […]

COVID-19 and mental health: Policy responses and emerging issues. Preliminary scan

Overview of the findings – Key messages The incredible response is leaving some people behind. A tremendously rapid and innovative response has been mounted to meet the needs of the general population by disseminating wellness information and quickly pivoting to virtual services and supports. But these offerings are not meeting the needs of some key […]

Healing the nation: Advancing mental health and addiction policy

Our guiding principle for this framework is that our health policies and solutions must be inclusive enough to ensure that all places and spaces effectively promote mental health, from creating positive dynamics that prevent conditions from developing, providing access to culturally appropriate services when needs arise, defining outcomes and collecting data to ensure equitable positive […]

Model school district policy on suicide prevention: Model language, commentary, and resources.


Bullying and homophobia in Canadian schools: The politics of policies, programs, and educational leadership.

During the past ten years, attention on bullying has intensified among educators, parents, journalists, and educational researchers in the wake of high-profile incidents of bullying in some Canadian schools. Safe schools policies and programs have proliferated as a result. However, the issue of homophobia-a pervasive form of bullying-tends to be absent from public discussion, anti-bullying […]

The success of gay-straight alliances in Waterloo Region, Ontario: A confluence of political and social factors.

This article outlines how gayÐstraight alliances (GSAs) work to connect youth with community resources, and outlines the political and social context of GSAs in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. Discusses how the confluence of government and school board policy and community agency support facilitates the implementation, maintenance, and success of GSAs.

Population health outcome models in suicide prevention policy.

Health outcome models could aid in suicide prevention policy by helping focus implementation efforts. Further research developing more sophisticated models of the impact of suicide prevention interventions that include a more complex understanding of suicidal behavior, longer time frames, and inclusion of additional outcomes that capture the full benefits and costs of interventions would be […]

School social workers and multiculturalism: changing the environment for success.

Dropping out, a phenomenon heavily concentrated in communities of color, hampers the academic success of multicultural students. Multiculturalism can help make school an inviting place for vulnerable youths, and school social workers (SSWRs) are in a position to advocate for school environments that are conducive to academic success. The present study surveyed 339 SSWRs on […]

Suicide prevention: guidelines for public awareness and education activities.


Blackfoot and First Nations Metis and Inuit protocol handbook.


Suicide Cluster Response Plan

The Sedgwick Couty Suicide Prevention Coalition developed this guideline to help community leaders respond proactively to suicide clusters or situations that might develop into suicide clusters. Step-by-step procedures are outlined & a list of community resources for Sedgwick County is provided.

Police-Citizen Encounters That Involve Mental Health Concerns: Results of an Ontario Police Services Survey

Police services in Ontario were surveyed to learn about changes in volume of contacts with persons with mental illness & use of pre-arrest diversion practices between 2003-2007. Information was also gathered on calls received & cleared that involved suicide threats, attempts, & completions. Findings indicated a trend of increasing police encounters with persons with mental […]

Safety Plan Treatment Manual to Reduce Suicide Risk: Veteran Version

This manual describes a brief clinical intervention, safety planning, that can serve as a valuable adjunct to risk assessment & may be used with veterans who have attempted suicide, have suicide ideation, have psychiatric disorders that increase suicide risk, or who are otherwise determined to be at high risk for suicide. The purpose of the […]

Addressing Suicide Potential and Prevention in Rural and Frontier Areas: Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care Providers. Summary Report


Make Suicide Prevention Everyone’s Business. Suicide & Self Harm Prevention: Effective Practice Guidelines

This guideline from Northern Ireland has 5 chapters: 1) essential facts & information on suicide, self-harm, & prevention; 2) models of good practice; 3) look after yourself & others – a directory of useful contacts for the Northern area; 4) current training programs; & 5) useful references & publications. The information in the guideline is […]

Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 50, HHS Publication No. (SMA) 09-4381

Part 1 of this protocol is for substance abuse counsellors & has 2 chapters on working with clients with substance use disorders who have suicidal thoughts &/or behaviours. Part 2 is for program administrators & also has 2 chapters. Chapter 1 lay outs the rationale for the second chapter & helps administrators understand how they […]

Preventing Suicide in French Prisons

This paper shows that preventing suicide risk in French prison regulations is thwarted in 2 prisons by professional criteria regarding credibility & solidarity, as well as by the balance of power between prisoners & guards, in addition to the realization, on the part of judges responsible for sentencing, of the risk posed by recidivists. The […]

Suicide in Correctional Facilities

This paper addresses suicide prevention, a problem that administrators in correctional facilities face on a daily basis. This policy paper analyzes the problem in depth by examining 2 alternative policies. The first is the Hayes et al 1995 report on the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Suicide Prevention Plan. The second is a 1991 article by […]

The Understanding Your Suicide Grief Support Group Guide: Meeting Plans for Facilitators

This book is written for individuals who want to facilitate an effective suicide grief group. It includes 12 meeting plans to be used in conjunction with “The Understanding Your Grief” book and journal.