Risk factors associated with peripartum suicide attempts in Japan

Importance  Peripartum suicide attempt is a major psychiatric complication associated with pregnancy, but the risk factors remain largely uncertain. Objective  To identify the demographic characteristics and predisposing risks for peripartum suicide attempts and postpartum depression. Design, Setting, and Participants  This cohort study used retrospective data on pregnant women who delivered children between April 1, 2016, and March 31, […]

Maternal suicide in the U.S.: Opportunities for improved data collection and health care system change

Maternal suicide is a leading cause of maternal mortality in the US. While maternal mortality has rightfully garnered increasing attention in recent years, maternal suicide has been historically overlooked as a cause of maternal mortality because national maternal mortality rates previously excluded suicides as pregnancy related deaths, instead classifying maternal suicides deaths as incidental or […]

Suicide crises among women and mothers during and around the time of pregnancy: Prevalence and timing of initial contact with first responders and health services

Objectives: Suicide is a leading cause of maternal mortality. Suicidality during and around the time of pregnancy can have detrimental impacts on a child’s development and outcomes. This paper examines prevalence, demographic characteristics, and timing of initial contact with first responders and health services for a cohort of women who experienced suicidality during and around […]

Suicide and maternal mortality

Purpose of Review Suicide is a leading cause of death in the perinatal period (pregnancy and 1 year postpartum). We review recent findings on prevalence, risk factors, outcomes, and prevention and intervention for suicide during pregnancy and the first year postpartum. Recent Findings Standardization of definitions and ascertainment of maternal deaths have improved identification of perinatal […]

Self-harm risk in pregnancy: Recurrent-event survival analysis using UK primary care data

Background: Perinatal self-harm is of concern but poorly understood. Aims: To determine if women’s risk of self-harm changes in pregnancy and the first postpartum year, and if risk varies by mental illness, age and birth outcome. Method: This was a retrospective cohort study of 2 666 088 women aged 15–45 years from the 1 January […]

Deaths of women during pregnancy, childbirth and within one year after pregnancy: Alberta, 1998-2011

The Maternal Mortality Working Group of the Provincial Perinatal Quality Assurance Subcommittee was established to complete a quality assurance review of deaths of women during pregnancy, childbirth and up to one year after pregnancy. The data is reported for all causes of deaths which include: maternal deaths (direct and indirect obstetric), late maternal deaths and […]

Midwives’ experience of caring for women’s emotional and mental well-being during pregnancy

Aims and objectives: To explore midwives’ experiences of caring for women’s emotional and mental well-being during pregnancy. Background: Transitioning to motherhood is a major life event for any woman and while it is a joyful experience for the majority, 15%-25% of women will experience a perinatal mental health problem. Providing psychological support to mothers by midwives is […]

Do maternal depression and self-esteem moderate and mediate the association between intimate partner violence after childbirth and postpartum suicidal ideation?

Intimate partner violence (IPV) during the perinatal period is believed to have an adverse effect on maternal mental health. Given the risks of suicide and related public health concerns, the aim of this study is to examine (1) the association of experiencing physical, psychological, and sexual IPV after childbirth on postpartum suicidal ideation (SI), and […]

Mental health and maternal mortality: When new life doesn’t bring joy

Objective : To characterize the incidence and risk factors associated with maternal suicide during the peripartum period in an Alberta population. Our secondary objective was to characterize the incidence and risk factors associated with traumatic death in this same population. Methods : This is a retrospective cohort study compared all-cause mortality with death by trauma […]

Perinatal depression: A review

Perinatal depression affects 10% to 20% of women in the United States during pregnancy, the postpartum period, or both, but it can be difficult to recognize. Identifying and treating this problem can reduce the alarming number of suicides among depressed perinatal women and the possible adverse effects of untreated maternal depression on their child’s cognitive […]

Maternal anthropometric determinants as risk markers of suicidality and severity of illness in women with postnatal depression

Context: Studies have shown nutrition to play a role in etiology of postnatal depression, but few risk markers have been developed for the same. Anthropometric determinants have not been sufficiently researched in relation to suicidality and severity of illness in women with postnatal depression. Aim: The present study assesses the efficacy of anthropometric determinants as […]

Interpersonal trauma and suicide attempts in low-income depressed mothers in home visiting

Background Risk of suicide is a major concern for depressed mothers in the perinatal period. The strongest predictor of completing suicide is having made a previous attempt. Little is known about the clinical features of low-income, depressed mothers who have attempted suicide in contrast to those who have not. Objective This study examined clinical and […]

Association of antepartum suicidal ideation during the third trimester with infant birth weight and gestational age at delivery

Antepartum suicidal behaviors are a leading cause of maternal injury and death. Previous research has not investigated associations between antepartum suicidal ideation and perinatal complications. Our study objective was to evaluate the relationship of antepartum suicidal ideation with low infant birthweight, small for gestational age, and preterm birth. A cohort study was conducted among 1,108 […]

Perinatal suicide in Ontario, Canada: A 15-year population-based study.

BACKGROUND: Death by suicide during the perinatal period has been understudied in Canada. We examined the epidemiology of and health service use related to suicides during pregnancy and the first postpartum year. METHODS: In this retrospective, population-based cohort study, we linked health administrative databases with coroner death records (1994–2008) for Ontario, Canada. We compared sociodemographic characteristics, clinical […]

Suicide in perinatal and non-perinatal women in contact with psychiatric services: 15 year findings from a UK national inquiry.

In women in contact with UK psychiatric services, suicides in the perinatal period were more likely to occur in those with a depression diagnosis and no active treatment at the time of death. Assertive follow-up and treatment of perinatal women in contact with psychiatric services are needed to address suicide risk in this group. Contact […]

Non-psychotic mental disorders in the perinatal period.

Mental disorders are among the most common morbidities of pregnancy and the postnatal period, and can have adverse effects on the mother, her child, and family. This Series paper summarises the evidence about epidemiology, risk factors, identification, and interventions for non-psychotic mental disorders. Although the phenomenology and risk factors for perinatal mental disorders are largely […]

Views and experiences of suicidal ideation during pregnancy and the postpartum: Findings from interviews with maternal care clinic patients.

Perinatal suicidality (i.e., thoughts of death, suicide attempts, or self-harm during the period immediately before and up to 12 months after the birth of a child) is a significant public health concern. Few investigations have examined the patients’ own views and experiences of maternal suicidal ideation. Methods: Between April and October 2010, researchers identified 14 […]

Suicide risk among perinatal women who report thoughts of self-harm on depression screens.

Among perinatal women screened for depression, 3.8% reported suicidal ideation, but only 1.1% of this subgroup was at high risk for suicide. These findings support the need for systematic evaluation of those who report suicidal ideation to identify the small subset requiring urgent evaluation and care. Contact us for a copy of this article, or […]

Effects of prenatal and postnatal depression, and maternal stroking, at the glucocorticoid receptor gene.


Enduring love, transforming loss.

A 50-minute research-based documentary that answers the research question ÒWhat is the experience of living and transforming with loss for mothers whose babies died?Ó The mothers articulated their descriptions eloquently, describing the suffering of the loss of their baby while creating rituals of remembrance and celebrating the baby as a treasured family member. They appreciated […]

Prediction of perinatal depression from adolescence and before conception (VIHCS): 20-year prospective cohort study.