Low level of agreement between self-report and clinical assessment of passive suicidal ideation

Objective: Discrepancies between patient reports during clinical evaluations and self-reported suicide ideation are of vital importance. We study the agreement in passive suicidal ideation between reports made by clinicians and patients’ self-reports. Method: Wish of death in 648 outpatients was assessed by attending clinicians. Within 24 h after clinical evaluation, patients completed a self-report questionnaire in which […]

How clinicians incorporate suicide risk factors into suicide risk assessment

Background: The literature has focused on explicit communications of suicidal ideation, although such communications are infrequent and less overt symptoms are comparable indicators of suicide risk. Aims: Our aim was to understand how clinicians consider inexplicit suicide risk factors in assessments of risk. Method: A national sample of 75 psychiatric crisis clinicians were provided with three vignettes, which varied in […]