The number and characteristics of newspaper and Twitter reports on suicides and road traffic deaths in young people

In the light of concern about the harmful effects of media reporting of suicides and a lack of comparative research, this study compares the number and characteristics of reports on suicides and road traffic accidents (RTAs) in young people (aged 11–18) in newspapers and Twitter during a 6-month period. Tweets about young people’s suicides were […]

Blood alcohol concentrations in suicide and motor vehicle crash decedents ages 18-54.

Using postmortem data, we examined the hypotheses that high (and very high) blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) are more common among motor vehicle crash decedents (MVCs) than among suicide decedents, whereas low alcohol levels are more common among suicides. We examined BAC in 224 suicide decedents and 166 MVCs ages 18 to 54 in the state […]

Suicide and fatal single occupant motor vehicle collisions.

Certain drivers utilise motor vehicles to deliberately self-harm, although ascertaining what percentage of these deaths were intentional is difficult. The files of Forensic Science South Australia in Adelaide, Australia were examined over a 5-year period from January 2005 to December 2009 for cases of fatal single occupant, single motor vehicle collisions involving impacts with trees, […]

Suicide by motor vehicle “accident’ in Queensland.

Around the world, a substantial proportion of motor vehicle crash deaths are recognized as ÒhiddenÓ suicides. This project sought to progress understandings of drivers who used a motor vehicle to die by suicide in Queensland, Australia, during the period 1990 to 2007. Analysis focused on life circumstances and events preceding the death, physical and mental […]

Beverage-specific mortality relationships in the United States population data.

Nearly all countries regulate distilled spirits differently from beer and iwine. However, the scientific basis for this differential treatment has not been clearly established. This review covers beverage-specific relationships with alcohol-related mortality causes at the population level in the United States and includes a new analysis of motor-vehicle-accident mortality.

The Impact of Widowhood on Irish Mortality due to Suicide and Accidents

The impact of widowhood on suicide & accident mortality in Ireland was investigated using Poisson regression analysis applied to routine data relating to all 10,561 suicidal & accidental deaths of married or widowed persons aged at leat 35 years in Ireland during 1986-2005. Mortality rates were almost always higher among the widowed & often by […]

Children and Youth Injuries in Alberta

This report provides statistics on injury & deaths among children & youth, age 1-19 years, in Alberta. Injuries were the leading cause of death for this population in 2005. Over the period 1997-2006 motor vehicle-related admissions were the leading cause of injury admissions for youth 15-19 years followed by attempted suicide/self-inflicted injuries. In 2006, suicide/attempted […]

Years of Potential Life Lost and Valued Years of Potential Life Lost in Asesssing Premature Mortality in Slovenia

This study examined the causes of death that contribute most to premature mortality in Slovenia, classified premature mortality according to cause of death, age, & gender, & determined the age point before which premature mortality became a potential loss to the society. Potential economic losses were estimated by use of years of potential life lost […]

Unnatural Deaths in Reindeer-Herding Sami Families in Sweden, 1961-2001

To find prevention strategies, the authors explored the circumstances of unnatural deaths among members of reindeer-herding Sami families in Sweden. Data were retrieved for 1961-2001; 158 unnatural deaths were identified & examined in detail. Transport-related deaths & suicides were the most common unnatural deaths in this population. Suicides contributed to 23 percent of all deaths. […]

Suicidal Ideation and Behavior and Some Psychological Correlates in Physically Disabled Motor-Vehicle Accident Survivors

Suicide ideation & behavior, self-concept, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, & correlations among these traits was explored in a sample of 50 Slovenian individuals permanently disabled after a motor vehicle accident. Rehabilitating patients with spinal cord injury were characterized by low total self-concept, presence of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, & suicide ideation & behaviour. Posttraumatic stress […]

Newspaper Coverage of Injuries Affecting the Spanish Surname Population in two Counties in Colorado

The present study assessed newspaper reports of injuries affecting individuals with Spanish surnames & compared newspaper reports to hospital injury discharge data in 2 counties in Colorado. Motor vehicle crashes, assualt & legal intervention, & suicide & suicidal acts were counted. A higher proportion of people with Spanish surnames were reported in newspapers than expected […]

Societal Costs of Underage Drinking

This study estimated the magnitude & costs of problems, including suicide, resulting from underage drinking & compared those costs with associated alcohol sales. Fatal & nonfatal cases attibutable to underage alcohol use were estimated. Underage drinking accounted for at least 16% of alcohol sales in 2001 in the United States & led to 3,170 deaths […]

Regional Differences in Alcohol and Fatal Injury: a Comparison of Data From two County Coroners

This study analyzed alcohol in fatalites in Hinds County, Mississippi (a dry county) compared to Contra Costa County, California (a wet county). Data on all unnatural deaths during a 1-year period among those 18 years & older were abstracted from county coroner’s files. 222 cases in Hinds County & 304 cases in Contra Costa County […]

Suicide Prevention and Community-Level Indictors

This study sought to develop a set of easily obtainable, relevant measures of a community’s condition that could be used to guide its suicide prevention efforts. Existing data were gathered across 159 Georgia counties for 9 potential social indicators that had been chosen by the communities. Data on these from 1995-1999 were averaged & analyzed […]

Driver Suicides in Finland are They Different in Northern and Southern Finland?


Acute Traumatic Injuries in Rural Populations

In the United states, injuries are the leading cause of death among individuals aged 1 to 45 years & the fourth leading cause of death overall. Rural populations exhibit disproportionately high injury mortality rates. Deaths from motor vehicle crashes, traumatic occupational injuries, drowning, residential fires, & suicide all increase with increasing rurality. The authors describe […]

Relationship Between Suicide and Holidays


The High Burden of Injuries in South Africa

This study estimated the magnitude & characteristics of the injury burden in South Africa within a global context. The Acturial Society of South Africa demographic & AIDS model – calibrated to survey, census, & adjusted vital registration data – was used to calculate the total number of deaths in 2000. Suicide rates were higher than […]

Mortality From External Causes in Lithuania: Looking for Critical Points in Time and Place

A study was undertaken to analyse trends in mortality from major external causes of death, & to detect urban/rural differences by cut points over the period of socioeconomic transition in Lithuanaia. Information on deaths for 1990-2000 was obtained. The Jointpoint analysis was used to identify best-fitting points wherever a statistically significant change in mortality occurred. […]

Blood Pressure and Risk of Death From External Causes Among men Screened for the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial

The authors examined data obtained from baseline interviews & 25 years of mortality follow-up (1973-1999) for 347,978 men screened for the American Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial. There were 3,910 deaths from external causes, including 2,313 unintentional injuries, 1,248 suicides, & 349 homicides. Men with stage 2 hypertension had multivariate-adjusted hazard ratios of 1.90 for […]

Alberta Injury Data: Comparison of Injuries in Alberta’s Health Regions


To die With Your Boots on: a Comment

As recently suggested by Thorson, suicide, motor vehicle and accidental death rates were higher in the western, less dense states while homicide rates were higher in the southern states.

Risk-taking Behaviour of Young Women in Australia: Screening for Health-risk Behaviours