Association of youth suicides and county-level mental health professional shortage areas in the US

Importance: Suicide is the second leading cause of death among US adolescents. Workforce shortages of mental health professionals in the US are widespread, but the association between mental health workforce shortages and youth suicides is not well understood. Objective: To assess the association between youth suicide rates and mental health professional workforce shortages at the county level, […]

Considerations in the assessment of help-seeking and mental health service use in suicide prevention research

Objective The connection of individuals at elevated suicide risk to mental healthcare services represents a critical component of suicide prevention efforts. This article provides recommendations for enhancing the assessment of help-seeking and mental health service use within the context of suicide prevention research. Method We discuss evidence-based and theoretical rationale for improving current approaches to […]

Associations between veteran encounters with suicide prevention team and suicide-related outcomes

Objective Suicide rates have been of increasing concern across the United States, particularly among military veterans. The Veterans Health Administration has initiated multiple suicide prevention initiatives, but little research has examined the impact of these programs. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that more frequent contact with suicide prevention clinicians would […]

Established outpatient care and follow-up after acute psychiatric service use among youths and young adults

Objective: This study explored follow-up after hospitalization and emergency room (ER) use for mental health among youths and young adults with private insurance. Methods: The IBM MarketScan commercial database (2013-2018) was used to identify people ages 12-27 with a mental health hospitalization (N=95,153) or ER use (N=108,576). Factors associated with outpatient mental health follow-up within 7 and […]

Mental health service utilization, school experiences, and religious involvement among a national sample of black adolescents who attempt suicide: Examining within and cross-race group differences

Prior suicide attempt serves as one of the strongest predictors of future suicide attempt and risk for death by suicide among youth. Disparities, however, persist in determining which groups have access to services following an attempt. Thus, we compare the experiences of Black youth with a history of lifetime suicide attempt to youth from other […]