ACT for mental health federal plan for universal mental health & substance use health: Background paper

Under the Canada Health Act, mental health care is only covered by public health insurance when it is provided by physicians and/or in hospitals, Millions of Canadians don’t have a family doctor2 and can wait months, or more, to see a psychiatrist. Family doctors face challenges in caring for patients with mental health concerns, and publicly […]

Sound decision making in uncertain times: Can systems modelling be useful for informing policy and planning for suicide prevention?

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the significant value of systems modelling in supporting proactive and effective public health decision making despite the complexities and uncertainties that characterise an evolving crisis. The same approach is possible in the field of mental health. However, a commonly levelled (but misguided) criticism prevents systems modelling from being more routinely adopted, […]

School supports for reintegration following a suicide-related crisis: A mixed methods study informing hospital recommendations for schools during discharge

The immediate period following psychiatric hospitalization is marked by increased risk for suicide behavior and rehospitalization. Because adolescents commonly return to school settings following hospital discharge, school-related stressors and supports are important considerations for psychiatric treatment and discharge planning. The current study aimed to inform recommendations provided by hospitals to schools to improve school reintegration […]