The mental status examination in neurology.

Intended not only for the neurologist or psychiatrist, but for all physicians, describes methods for performing mental status evaluation that reflect new knowledge concerning disorders of the higher functions–specification of anatomic systems involved in different behaviors, and increased understanding of the mechanisms underlying disordered function. Guidelines for brief screening are included, among them a shortened […]

Mental pain and suicidal tendencies in sexual and physical abuse victims.

We examine differential effects of mental pain and suicidal tendencies in female victims who have been sexually and physically abused, hypothesizing that sexual abuse victims report more mental pain and suicidal tendencies than physical abuse victims. A group of 98 women completed questionnaires that measured mental pain, suicidal tendencies and thoughts, and demographic details. Sexual […]

Risk of Suicide and Accidental Death Among Subjects Visiting a Doctor Because of Mental Disorder: a Matched Case-control Study in Finnish Farmers