Self-injurious behavior and suicide attempts among Indonesian college students.

This study reports the prevalence of self-injurious behavior and suicide attempts among college students in Indonesia and examines risk factors distinguishing between 3 groups: self-injury with suicide attempt, non-suicidal self-injury, and non-self-injury. Self-report questionnaires measuring self-injury and suicide attempts, negative mood regulation expectancies (NMRE), depression, and childhood trauma were administered to 314 students. Of participants, […]

Crisis Intervention After the Tsunami in Phuket and Khao Lak

Indignant Suicide in the Pacific: an Example From the Toraja Highlands of Indonesia

This paper describes a type of Toraja suicide in which a person kills him or herself after being offended, usually by a close family member. The author argues these suicides are not anomic, as suggested by many analysts, but “indignant” suicides. He concludes by suggesting that Durkheim, as well as contemporary analysts, underestimate the importance […]