The contribution across three generations of mercury exposure to attempted suicide among children and youth in Grassy Narrows First Nation, Canada: An intergenerational analysis

Background: For 60 y, the people of Asubpeeschoseewagong Anishinabek (Grassy Narrows First Nation) have endured the effects of massive mercury (Hg) contamination of their river system, central to their traditions, culture, livelihood, and diet. In the years following the Hg discharge into the English–Wabigoon River system by a chloralkali plant in the early 1970s, there […]

Planning for implementation and sustainability of a community‑based suicide surveillance system in a Native American community

Background Native American youth, primarily living on reservations, suffer the highest burden of suicide of any racial group in the USA. Implementation and sustainability of culturally grounded, evidence-based interventions are needed to address suicide in Native American populations. For nearly 40 years, Montana has ranked at or near the top nationwide for suicide. Fort Peck […]

The relationship of adverse childhood experiences to PTSD, depression, poly-drug use and suicide attempt in reservation-based Native American adolescents and young adults

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with numerous risk behaviors and mental health outcomes among youth. This study examines the relationship between the number of types of exposures to ACEs and risk behaviors and mental health outcomes among reservation-based Native Americans. In 2011, data were collected from Native American (N = 288; 15-24 years of […]

Community perspectives on social influences on suicide within a Native American reservation

Relative to the general population, Native Americans (NA) bear a disproportionate burden of suicide-related mortality rates. NA males and females aged 15 to 24 years experience suicide rates nearly 3 times than the U.S. all races rates in this age group. Although efforts have been made to understand and reduce suicide in tribal communities, a […]

Sustaining suicide prevention programs in American Indian and Alaska Native communities and tribal health centers

Background: Research on sustaining community-based interventions is limited. This is particularly true for suicide prevention programs and in American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) settings. Aiming to inform research in this area, this paper sought to identify factors and strategies that are key to sustain suicide prevention efforts in AIAN communities. Methods: We used a […]

Suicide ideation and depression quality of life ratings in a reservation-based community of Native American youths and young adults

Suicide among adolescents is a significant public health concern in the U.S., especially within American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) communities. Lack of quality of life (QoL) estimates for both suicide ideation and depression specific to the AIAN population hinders the ability to compare interventions in cost-effectiveness analysis. We surveyed 200 AI youth and young […]

A knock at the door: The essential history of residential schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.


Suicide in Indian Country: The continuing epidemic in rural Native American communities.

Suicide continues to be an epidemic in Indian Country, especially among young American Indians and Alaska Native (AI/AN) individuals. In Indian Country, suicide must be seen within the context of how historical and ongoing present-day trauma has impacted Native communities. The disparities in health, education, and employment opportunities, coupled with the high prevalence of violence […]

Bad medicine: a judge’s struggle for justice in a First Nation’s community.

Early in his career, Judge John Reilly did everything by the book. His jurisdiction included a First Nations community plagued by suicide, addiction, poverty, violence and corruption. He steadily handed out prison sentences with little regard for long-term consequences and even less knowledge as to why crime was so rampant on the reserve in the […]