Reasons to love life: Effects of a suicide-awareness campaign on the utilization of a telephone emergency line in Austria

Background: A suicide awareness campaign was initiated in the Austrian federal state of Styria to increase help-seeking behavior in the population. Billboards were shown throughout Styria depicting joyful everyday-life situations with a focus on social and family connectedness, and promoting the Telephone Emergency Service, a crisis hotline. Aims: The present study investigated the impact of this campaign […]

Suicide prevention using Google ads: Randomized controlled trial measuring engagement

Background: Studies have shown that individuals may search for suicide-related terms on the internet prior to an attempt. Objective: Thus, across 2 studies, we investigated engagement with an advertisement campaign designed to reach individuals contemplating suicide. Methods: First, we designed the campaign to focus on crisis, running a campaign for 16 days in which crisis-related keywords would trigger […]

A randomized control trial to test dissemination of an online suicide prevention training for intimate partner violence hotline workers

Purpose Suicide risk is higher among violence-involved individuals. Intimate Partner Violence hotline workers are a critical source of support and can potentially be suicide prevention champions. Our primary goal was to examine the effectiveness of disseminating a free, online IPV—Suicide Prevention curriculum, via a randomized control trial, to hotline workers in ten states with the […]

New COVID-19 challenges and response strategies adopted by a national suicide prevention hotline: A qualitative study

Crisis helplines provide important support for vulnerable individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, which may also impact the helplines. We explored the challenges that the pandemic brought to Taiwan’s national suicide prevention hotline and the hotline’s responses. We interviewed 14 hotline workers and conducted data analysis using the framework method. The pandemic posed two new challenges […]