Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction act of 1997. Public law no.105-12

This document presents an act passed by the United States Congress with respect to restricting the use of federal funds in support of assisted suicide.

1996/97 Annual Report of the Youth Suicide Advisory Committee

This is the Annual Report of the Youth Suicide Advisory Committee (YSAC) for the financial year of 1996/7. The YSAC is responsible for implementing the suicide prevention plan outlined within the 1996 Mental Health Plan for Western Australia. Two key issues for 1996/7 include the prevention of suicide among Aboriginal youth & the systematic development […]

Community-Based Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator’s Handbook

This handbook is designed to help those interested in establishing a community-based suicide prevention program. It is divided into 5 sections: 1) the community-based suicide prevention program – what it is & what it is doing; 2) responding to suicidal behavior; 3) taking care of yourself; 4) taking care of your project & your grant […]

NIMH Suicide Research Grant Opportunities

NIMH encourages research on suicide, suicidal behaviour, & the mental disorders associated with such behaviour. In this presentation, research opportunities in specific areas, e.g. child & adolescent disorders, are outlined. Contact names & phone numbers are also provided.

Youth Suicide Prevention Act of 1985

This bill was proposed to establish a commission to conduct a study of the problems of youth suicide in the United States for the purpose of providing guidance in developing national policy. It was also intended to establish a grant program for States, political subdivisions of States, & private nonprofit agencies for programs to prevent […]