Depression, suicide and the gifted student; A primer for the school psychologist

Growing up gifted often means growing up “different.” As schools struggle to provide appropriately designed interventions for student mental health issues, the role of the school psychologist is becoming increasingly important. In the present article, the role of the school psychologist is discussed, particularly as related to helping gifted students who may be manifesting symptoms […]

For gifted children, being intelligent can have dark implications.


Equally cursed and blessed: Do gifted and talented children experience poorer mental health and psychological well-being?

Since the 19th century, contradictory reports in theoretical and empirical research papers have suggested that being ‘gifted and talented’ is either a risk factor (it is associated with indicators of more negative mental health and well-being) or a protective factor (it is connected to positive psychological outcomes) when these individuals are compared to the general […]

Childhood Predictors of Later Suicide: Follow-Up of a Sample of Gifted Children

By 1987, 8.7% of the deaths of the men & 5.2% of the deaths of the women in Terman’s sample of gifted children were from suicide. Four variables distinguished those who killed themselves at a young age from those dying by suicide later: the length of pregnancy, the length of breast feeding, loss of father […]

Suicide Ideation and Personality Characteristics Among Gifted Adolescents

This study describes psychological characteristics of gifted adolescents. It also identifies the relationships between psychological personality types & suicide ideation. Participants were 152 juniors enrolled in a public high school for academically gifted students. Results indicated gifted adolescents did not exhibit heightened rates of suicide ideation as compared to their nongifted peers. However, female students […]