Impact of COVID-19: Canada’s LGBTQI2S community in focus

LGBTQI2S communities continue to be among the most vulnerable in Canada. During this time of uncertainty amid a global pandemic, supporting LGBTQI2S communities continues to be more important than ever. From barriers to accessing healthcare and mental health services to facing higher rates of homelessness, poverty, and social isolation — one thing is evident, this community needs […]

Electrocution-Related Mortality: a Review of 351 Deaths by Low-Voltage Electrical Current

This article describes the characteries of lethal injuries due to electrocution. 945 cases in Bulgaria, occurring during the period 1965-2006, were reviewed – 351 cases of electrocution were identified. The average age of victims was 35.25 years. Most deaths occurred among males. Suicides accounted for 7.41 percent of deaths. (22 refs.)

Attempted Suicide by Electrocution. Review and Case Report

Accidental electrical injuries are quite common, but suicide attempts by electrocution are rare & are scarcely mentioned in the medical literature. The author describes the case of a male nurse who unsuccessfully attempted suicide by applying a 5,165 volt cardiac defibrillator to his head. The author also reviews the electrophysiology involved & discusses the psychodynamics […]

Suicidal Electrocution in a Bathtub

Suicide by electrocution is rare, occurring in only 3 of the 5,000 suicides investigated by the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office during the past 2 decades. A case of suicidal electrocution in a filled bathtub is presented & the mechanism of electrocution in water is discussed. The Ground Fault Interruptor Circuit, a modern safety device, […]

Deaths From Electricity

Cases of Interest: an Unusual Suicide in a Thirteen Year Old Boy

Article discusses the suicide of a thirteen-year-old boy. The cause of the death was electrocution. Notes that the boy left indicated this was a deliberate & carefully thought out act. Author reviews the literature on methods of suicide employed by juvenilles & finds that electrocution is not mentioned in any of the reviews.