Can spiritual ecograms be utilized in mental health services to promote culturally appropriate family and couples therapy with Indigenous people?

Research addressing the potential utilization of spiritual ecograms with Indigenous families and children, specified by experienced professional in the field of Native-American psychology, was critiqued and reviewed in order to attend to its influence and applicability regarding the literature of Indigenous family therapy, and how it could be beneficial in therapy with Indigenous families. The […]

Utilizing spiritual ecograms with Native American families and children to promote cultural competence in family therapy.

This study signifies an initial step at giving family therapists an important assessment tool as they seek to increase cultural competence with Native American families and children. To determine the relevancy and consistency of utilizing a spiritual ecogram assessment tool with Native Americans, 50 Native American participants, with extensive experience with this population, reviewed, rated, […]

Ecomap activity.

Creating an ecomap is a graphic and useful way of assessing families in which the families themselves can participate. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at