Developing Suicide Prevention Programs for African American Youth in African American Churches

Suicide prevention programs for African American youth in African American churches may have broad appeal because: the Black church has a strong history of helping community members, regardless of church membership; African Americans have the highest level of public & private religiousness; & the church can help shape religious & cultural norms about mental health […]

European Directory of Suicide Survivor Services

This directory provides a list of services throughout Europe for people who have been bereaved by suicide.

Manitoba Youth Services Manual

Directory of Suicide Prevention Facilities, June 1967

Resources and Links (IN: Youth Suicide Prevention School-Based Guide, developed by the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute)

For the complete Guide, please see SIEC #2004-1202.

National Program Inventory: Concurrent Mental Health and Substance use Disorders

This pamphlet is suitable for a general audience. The pamphlet provides contact information for various mental health organizations across Canada. The pamphlet also contains information about the geographic regions that are serviced by the enlisted mental health clinics. The pamphlet includes the criteria for service that each clinic has, as well as the criteria for […]

Intentional Injury Prevention Programs: British Columbia Directory


Victoria’s Mental Health Service Youth Suicide Prevention Information Kit

This kit contains the following information sheets: 1) Statistics on Suicide Among Young People in Australia; 2) How Can I Help; 3) The Myths of Suicide; 4) What are the Suicide Risk Factors; 5) What are the Warning Signs; 6) What Causes People to Commit Suicide; 7) Youth Suicide Prevention Activities; 8) Contacts; & 9) […]

The National Stocktake of Prevention and Early Intervention Programs

This book provides documentation on Australian programs concerned with the mental health of young people. Programs are categorized by age groups including infants, children, adolescents & young adults. Information for each listing includes the target group, the location of the program, funding, aims & objectives, risk/protective factors addressed, basis of the program, target group/selection criteria, […]

All Together now: how Families are Affected by Depression and Manic Depression

Guide to Archival Resources for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing History in Alberta

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in First Nations and Inuit Communities Report No.9

This report sets out a rationale & plan of action for suicide prevention & mental health promotion in First Nations & Inuit communities in Quebec. Topics discussed include: levels of prevention, risk & protective factors for suicide, elements of effective suicide prevention programs, guidelines for effective suicide prevention, & recommendations. 6 appendices provide lists of […]

Concerned About a Suicidal Child or Youth? Assessment and Referral Guidelines

This sheet gives assessment guidelines & a list of resources for someone who is concerned about a suicidal child or youth. The front side uses a diamond-shaped diagram to present the question that should be asked – are you thinking of suicide? – & background information to be collected, i.e. is the child making preparations […]

Alaskan Peer Helper Programs: a Guide

This guide describes the Peer Helper Program, a program concerned with youth suicide prevention in Alaska. Suggestions for enhancing & implementing this program are included. The guide states school and community support are vital. The skills to develop in peer helper training are: listening, communication, helping, self-growth, preservation, & referral. Supplementary training topics, activities, & […]

When you Need Help

This 1-page pamphlet lists the telephone numbers of social agencies & crisis services in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

After Suicide Protocol

This protocol, printed on both the inside and outside covers of a file folder, provides an Information Tree in the event of completed suicide, a description of After-Suicide Response, Agencies, Personnel, & relevant telephone numbers. It also charts the Fort McMurray Postvention Response Continuum which identifies postvention, crisis intervention & crisis treatment actions and responsible […]

The 1996 National Directory of Bereavement Support Groups and Services

This directory assists bereaved persons to learn more about the grief experience. It includes articles by bereaved individuals & professionals, a bibliography, a list of 1996 bereavement conferences, & a listing of the USA national & local support groups & services in the categories of: AIDS, Death of a Child, Death of an Infant Child, […]

Alberta Directory of Routinely Collected Injury Data: a Listing of Routinely Collected Injury Data Sources and Examples of Available Information

This directory gives information on 17 injury-related databases in Alberta, e.g. Alberta Health Morbidity System, Farm Accidents Database, Social Health in Alberta & the SIEC database. Examples of routinely collected injury data are provided. Data are categorized into intentional injuries (homicide, assault, suicide & self-inflicted injury) & unintentional injuries (motor vehicle collisions, work-related injuries, farm-related […]

Emotional First aid Handbook: a Guide for Individuals and Families in Northeast Alberta who are Dealing With Self-Harming Behaviour

This booklet discusses the relationship of depression & self-harm. Common causes & symptoms of depression are listed. The importance of seeking help after a family member attempts suicide is emphasized – a list of community & private agencies in Fort McMurray is provided. The final section of the booklet outlines how antidepressants work.

Injury Prevention Resources for Aboriginal Communities

This directory contains 7 sections: financial resources, material resources, people resources, cross-reference index, tips for writing funding proposals, key resources, & additional resource material contacts. Broad in scope, it provides a national list of information resources of interest to aboriginal people in such areas as: water safety, school injuries, falls, family violence, firearm injuries, motor […]

The Ukrainian National Association of Telephone Counsellors

This pamphlet outlines the development of telephone services in the Ukraine & the aims of the national organization. Some statistics about the types of call received & the callers are presented. A brief directory concludes the pamphlet.

Suicide Prevention: Directory of Services

This Directory was designed to make commonly requested suicide prevention information in the Ottawa-Carleton area readily accessible. Over 200 community agencies were surveyed about the services they provided to people at risk of suicide. Over 140 responses were received. Services are grouped into 3 categories: 24-hour crisis intervention services; counselling services; & support services.

Bereavement Resource Directory for New York City and Surrounding Areas (Fourth Edition)

This directory is designed to help grieving individuals find support, assistance & relief from isolation & pain. It lists 194 organizations, organized by New York & area zip codes, provides contact names & describes services offered. The Suicide Prevention Resources is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of suicidal individuals, preventing attempted & […]