Tackling stress management, addiction, and suicide prevention in a predoctoral dental curriculum.

The purpose of this article is to describe a University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry module designed to address stress management and suicide prevention, using studentsÕ personal reflections to illustrate the impact of the pedagogies used. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at http://www.jdentaled.org/content/78/9/1286.full

Screening for Psychosocial Risk Factors in Patients With Chronic Orofacial Pain

Death Education in Selected Health Professions

Health professionals have a high probability of working with populations experiencing death & other types of loss. Surveys of medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental & social work schools in the United States to determine their offerings in thanatology revealed that the majority (with the exception of dentistry) offer some education in death & dying. Because most […]

The Suicidal Adolescent

It is the author’s opinion that by educating dentists on the warning signs of suicide & the protocol for managing suspected cases, the tragic deaths of many adolescents may be prevented. Educational material should be presented in the undergraduate dental curriculum & periodically reinforced in the dental literature & continuing ed courses. Dentists & their […]

Teenage Suicides: Is There a Preventive Role for the Dentist?

Since dentists are more likely than any other health care professional to see all adolescents, it is suggested that they are in a better position to listen & identify clues to forthcoming tragedy. Factors relative to adolescent suicide are discussed including clues, warning signs & myths. (LH)

Homicide, Suicide, and Dentistry

The author discusses the impracticality of identifying suicide or homicide victims by the use of dental charts and suggests inscribing partial social security numbers on patients’ teeth or dental appliances. (NBB)