Suicidal behaviors and help-seeking attitudes among deaf and hard-of-hearing college students

Objective The objective of this study was to examine the prevalence of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and help-seeking attitudes among D/HH and hearing college students. Method A total of 500,860 students completed the ACHA-NCHA-IIb (Fall 2011-Spring 2015). Survey administration and sampling methods differed across institutions. We randomly selected hearing students to have a 1:1 ratio […]

A silenced population: Uncovering correlates of suicidal-related behavior among deaf and hard-of-hearing youth.

Given challenges that exceed the normal developmental requirements of adolescence, deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) youth are believed to be at elevated risk for engaging in suicide-related behavior (SRB). Unfortunately, little is known about the mechanisms that put these youth potentially at risk. Aims: To determine whether peer relationship difficulties are related to increased risk of […]

Suicide in Deaf Populations: a Literature Review

This paper provides a summary of literature on suicidal behaviour among deaf individuals. Very few studies were found that focussed specifically on this population. The 13 studies that were included generally involved small & unrepresentative samples. There were limited data on the rate of suicidal behaviour in deaf people. Little evidence was found to suggest […]

Prevention of Adolescent Suicide in the Deaf Population

Innovative research described in this proceeding shows suicide attempts among deaf adolescents have increased at an alarming rate. A package, based on a successful prevention model, including a film & manual specifically designed for deaf adolescents is described. Warning signs, intervention techniques, & theories on the reasons underlying adolescent suicide attempt rates are discussed. (6 […]

Suicide Intervention With Hearing-Impaired Adolescents

Little research is available on adolescent suicide in the deaf population. This presentation reviewed the general literature, highlighting those areas in which particular application could be made to hearing-impaired adolescents. A summary was provided of the unique dynamics & factors which apply to hearing impaired adolescents & which helping progressionals should keep in mind while […]

Blindness, Fear of Sight Loss, and Suicide

Psychosocial readjustment often follows sight loss, but in some cases it does not & suicide may occur. Together with an extensive literature review, the authors present cases from their psychological autopsy study database. When compared with a hearing-impaired group, impaired sight alone can acutely affect otherwise psychologically healthy individuals. Opthamologists need to develop closer collaboration […]

Psychiatric Manifestations of Communicating Hydrocephalus in a Deaf Man

The communicating difficulties of prelingually deaf patients can make both psychiatric & physical diagnosis extremely difficult. Inability to understand deaf patients often leads to diagnostic errors. This article describes a case of a deaf man who presented with headaches, hostility, agitation & suicidal threats who was diagnosed as having a communicating hydrocephalus following a CT […]

Suicide Prevention Program for Deaf Adolescents

The development of a comprehensive suicide prevention program to address the special needs of the deaf & hearing impaired population is described. The suicide attempt rate for deaf teens has increased tremendously. l978-l983 shows an increase of 828% for l0-l4 year olds & 350% for l5-l9 year olds.The methods used were lethal such as guns, […]

The Psychological Problems of the Deaf and Blind

Special Populations: 1. Chronic Illness & Suicide: A Community Health Nursing Approach 2. Suicide Attempt Rate among Deaf & Hearing Impaired Adolescents

Suicide Attempt Rate Among Deaf and Hearing Impaired Adolescents

Suicide Attempt Rate Among Deaf & Hearing Impaired Adolescents

Research into suicide attempts among deaf & hearing impaired adolescents indicated the rate of attempts is increasing at a rapid rate for this population. Lethal methods were used, indicating serious risk. As a result of these findings, recommendations were made to the Ohio State Task Force On Adolescent Suicide, which included the development of an […]

A Telephone Service for the Deaf

Influence of Deaf-Mute Parents on the Character of Their Offspring

This paper provides a detailed representative case report of a patient with borderline personality disorder. The patient was a daughter of a quite typical deaf-mute couple. An attempt to relate some of her main characteristics and mechanisms of adaptation to factors in her early childhood are described. (11 ref.)