Is a brief self-report version of the Columbia Severity Scale useful for screening suicidal ideation in Chilean adolescents?

Background Given the high rates of suicide in the adolescent population and the reluctance of this population to seek help, developing proactive and effective strategies to timely detect individuals at high risk for suicide in non-clinical contexts is a worldwide recognized need. A series of brief self-report questionnaires have been developed for this purpose, however there are […]

Trends and most frequent methods of suicide in Chile between 2001 and 2010.

Copy held in CSP Library.

Association between adolescent suicide and sociodemographic factors in Chile.

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Occurrence of Suicide and Seasonal Variation


Newcomer Suicide Prevention Project: Immigration, Culture, and Suicide

This 2-year research project examined attitudes toward suicide in immigrant communities in Edmonton, Alberta. The book contains the results of questionnaires & interviews with suicide attempters & nonattempters in the Polish, Chilean, & Chinese communities. An extensive bibliography is provided as are recommendations for further work & study on how to more effectively respond to […]

Suicide in Santiago, Chile