We’re all Special: a Self-Esteem Resource Package

“We’re all Special” is a package of teaching materials to be used as a supplement to any regular teaching program, family studies or health curriculum. All materials may be used as a unit or individually. Sections in the package include: Feelings Unit, Building Self-Esteem, & Sharing Ourselves With Others. A short bibliography & a list […]

We’re all Special: Self-Esteem Activity Package for Parents and Their Children (Ages 4-12)

This package is an adaptation of the CMHA publication, “We’re all Special: a Self-Esteem Resource Package” (SIEC #940887). The activity book is to be used by parents with their children, working together to increase their understanding of & relationship to one another. Each activity requires parent involvement. Units include: Feelings; Building Self-Esteem; & Sharing Ourselves […]