Association between cannabis use disorder and self- and other-directed aggression

Cannabis is the most widely used drug worldwide. Data about the association of cannabis use with aggression is heterogeneous. The objective of the current study was to assess the nature of the association between cannabis use disorder (CUD) and self-directed, other-directed, and combined aggression. We used data from the National Survey on Drug Use and […]

The Use of Puppetry for Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Among Mi’Kmaq Youth

The authors examine the main factors related to suicide among aboriginal youth & ways to redress what many consider the most important of these, discontinuity with heritage. A group of Mi’Kmaq elders & an interdisciplinary group of academicians blended traditional Mi’Kmaq knowledge & western scientific knowledge to develop a strategy to address such discontinuity. Puppets […]

Teen Time

This pamphlet describes “Teen Time”, a referral & crisis intervention service offered by the Cape Breton Help Line. This line is operated by trained young adult volunteers.

Development of a Training Model: Suicide Intervention, Postvention and Prevention (SIPP)

Elizabeth Graham discussed suicide within Mi’Kmaq communities. Due to the epidemic proportions of suicide in some Mi’Kmaq communities Graham stressed the need to train caregivers and to teach community leaders how to convey sensitivity and concern for people who are in trauma. She also stressed that intervention and prevention programs must operate within the desires […]