The role of bystanders in the prevention of railway suicides in New South Wales, Australia

Background: Bystanders can play a key role in preventing railway suicides by taking direct action or by raising an alarm. Aims: The study investigated in this context: (1) the prevalence of preventative actions by bystanders; (2) the relationship, if any, between first-hand preventions by bystanders and the degree of ambiguity around the imminence of danger; and (3) the […]

Enhancing community suicide risk assessment and protective intervention action plans through a bystander intervention model-informed video: A randomized controlled trial

Aim: The effects of a bystander intervention model (BIM)-informed intervention (video) for the general community on participant risk of suicide assessment ability (ROSAA) and protective intervention ability (PIA) were compared with an active control (non-BIM-informed video). Method: Video interventions with 628 participants (Mage = 47.99, SDage = 17.34, range = 18–85 years) were conducted online. ROSAA and PIA were assessed immediately […]