Suicide in Post-Socialist Countries: Examples From Hungary and Belarus

The author evaluated suicide in Hungary & Belarus based on informants’ or consultants’ comments, evaluation, & opinions. The author suggests suicide can be explained by political, economic, & psychological factors. He also suggests Bateson’s (1972) double bind theory might help to understand why some suicides might occur in socialist & post-socialist countries at a higher […]

Suicide in Urban and Rural Regions of Belarus, 1990-2005


Suicide and Alcohol Psychoses in Belarus 1970-2005

Background: The relationship between alcohol and suicide is well documented. The research evidence suggests an important role for a cultural and social context in the alcohol-suicide association. Purpose: To estimate the aggregate level effect of alcohol consumption on the suicide rate in Slavic culture. Method: Trends in the suicide and alcohol-psychoses morbidity rate in the […]

Suicide in Belarus

Suicide rates have risen in Belarus since 1990, and suicide rates are higher in rural than in urban areas. The regional distribution of suicide rates suggests a north-south variation that may be a result of ethnic and cultural differences between the regions. (8 refs.)