Air pollution and suicide in rural and urban America: Evidence from wildfire smoke

Air pollution poses well-established risks to physical health, but little is known about its effects on mental health. We study the relationship between wildfire smoke exposure and suicide risk in the United States in 2007 to 2019 using data on all deaths by suicide and satellite-based measures of wildfire smoke and ambient fine particulate matter […]

Daily changes in ambient air pollution concentrations and temperature and suicide mortality in Canada: Findings from a national time-stratified case-crossover study

Introduction Worldwide, approximately 1900 people die by suicide daily. Daily elevations in air pollution and temperature have previously been linked to a higher risk of death from suicide. To date, there have been relatively few studies of air pollution and suicide, particularly at a national level. National analyses play an important role in shaping health […]

Long-term exposure to air pollution and mortality from dementia, psychiatric disorders, and suicide in a large pooled European cohort: ELAPSE study

Ambient air pollution is an established risk factor for premature mortality from chronic cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases, while evidence on neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders remains limited. We examined the association between long-term exposure to air pollution and mortality from dementia, psychiatric disorders, and suicide in seven European cohorts. Within the multicenter project ‘Effects […]

Association of short-term particulate matter exposure with suicide death among major depressive disorder patients: A time-stratified case-crossover analysis

Objective: There is growing evidence that suggests a potential association between particulate matter (PM) and suicide. However, it is unclear that PM exposure and suicide death among major depressive disorder (MDD) patients, a high-risk group for suicide. Methods: We investigated the risk of suicide among 1,046,169 newly-diagnosed MDD patients from 2004 to 2015 within the Korean National […]

Air pollution (particulate matter) exposure and associations with depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychosis and suicide risk: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Background: Particulate air pollution’s physical health effects are well known, but associations between particulate matter (PM) exposure and mental illness have not yet been established. However, there is increasing interest in emerging evidence supporting a possible etiological link. Objectives: This systematic review aims to provide a comprehensive overview and synthesis of the epidemiological literature to […]

Association between particulate matter air pollution and risk of depression and suicide: Systematic review and meta-analysis

BackgroundSome recent studies examined the effect of ambient particulate matter (PM) pollution on depression and suicide. However, the results have been inconclusive. AimsTo determine the overall relationship between PM exposure and depression/suicide in the general population. MethodWe conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of case-crossover and cohort studies to assess the association between PM2.5 (particles with […]

The impact of ambient air pollution on suicide mortality: A case-crossover study in Guangzhou, China.

Background Preventing suicide is a global imperative. Although the effects of social and individual risk factors of suicide have been widely investigated, evidence of environmental effects of exposure to air pollution is scarce. We investigated the effects of ambient air pollution on suicide mortality in Guangzhou, China during 2003−2012. Methods A conditional logistic regression analysis […]

Acute air pollution exposure and risk of suicide completion.

Research into environmental factors associated with suicide has historically focused on meteorological variables. Recently, a heightened risk of suicide related to short-term exposure to airborne particulate matter was reported. Here, we examined the associations between short-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide and completed suicide in Salt Lake County, Utah (n = […]