An exploration of the relationship between adverse events on the farm and suicidal ideation in farmers

Background: The risk of suicide for agricultural workers in parts of the United Kingdom (UK) is almost twice the national average. Existing literature has suggested that adverse farming events, where failure is  determined by uncontrollable and unpredictable forces, may be to blame. Yet, the impact of such events on farmer suicidality has not been explicitly […]

Characteristics of suicide among farmers and ranchers: Using the CDC NVDRS 2003–2018

Background: Suicide is among the top 10 causes of premature death in the United States. This study provides details on farmer and rancher suicide decedents, including demographic information, mental health status, history of suicidal thoughts and attempts, and circumstances associated with death. Methods: Data for this study were obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s […]

The role of social work in confronting the farmer suicide crisis: Best practice recommendations and a call to action

Although estimates of prevalence vary, suicide rates among farmers are high and pose an important challenge for mental health policy and practice. The lack of mental health resources in many rural communities is a significant barrier to improving farmer mental health outcomes. The current paper will review (1) current findings related to the psychosocial functioning […]

What kills the agricultural worker? A systematic review on suicide

Objective: The aim of this research is fourfold: i) analyze which countries have the largest number of publications on suicide among agricultural workers, ii) understand the factors that lead to either suicide or intent, iii) identify the methods of suicide or attempted suicide, and iv) propose preventive measures so that rural agricultural workers are not exposed […]