Experiences of everyday ageism and the health of older US adults

Importance  Major incidents of ageism have been shown to be associated with poorer health and well-being among older adults. Less is known about routine types of age-based discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping that older adults encounter in their day-to-day lives, known as everyday ageism. Objective  To examine the prevalence of everyday ageism, group differences and disparities, and associations […]

Rational suicide in late life: A systematic review of the literature.

Ageism and suicide prevention

Suicide in old age is often considered to be the result of a rational decision. Frailty, dependence on others, loss of a partner, and loneliness are seen as reasons that might explain many instances of suicide. Similarly, suicide can be interpreted as a legitimate exit in case of dramatic changes in social status and role. […]