This past week, September 29-30, 2016, Executive Director Mara Grunau and Executive Advisor Diane Yackel went to Toronto, Ontario to take part in the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) National Conference, Mental Health For All.

Mara presented on preventing suicide in children and youth, highlighting our Tattered Teddies and Straight Talk workshops in a concurrent session on Day 1 of the conference.

Mara was also interviewed for Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences #MindVine podcast, where she talked about the importance of suicide prevention.

#MindVine Podcast Episode 04 – September, 2016: Day 2, CMHA Mental Health For All Conference

Episode 4 of the #MindVine Podcast features news, views and interviews related to mental health, mental illness and recovery. In this episode we’re on site at CMHA’s Mental Health For All conference. Day 2 (Part 2) at the conference includes interviews with Mara Grunau, Executive Director of the Centre for Suicide Prevention and Stan Kutcher, Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Mara Grunau being interviewed for the #MindVine podcast.
Mara Grunau, Centre for Suicide Prevention, with Chris Bovie and Darryl Mathers, Ontario Shores.

Day 2 of the conference, Mara was part of a suicide prevention workshop panel. She discussed what is needed for effective suicide prevention.

While Mara and Diane had an amazing time at the conference and learned so much from the presenters, they also took the time to look after their mental health – by going to a World Cup Hockey Game!

Mara Grunau and Diane Yackel in Toronto for a World Cup Hockey Game.
Mara Grunau and Diane Yackel in Toronto for a World Cup Hockey Game.