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Table of Contents

    For over 40+ years we’ve been equipping people with the knowledge and skills to respond to a person considering suicide.

    Learn more about the workshops we offer.

    You can become a Trainer by attending a Training for Trainers (T4T) session for your chosen workshop(s).

    If you are located outside of Alberta and are interested in training safeTALK and/or ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, contact LivingWorks Education Inc.: Suicide Prevention Training for Trainers | LivingWorks.


    Costs and requirements vary by workshop. The tables below are approximate cost ranges only and are not to be referenced for actual costs.

    Become a Trainer

      Approximate cost range
    Training for Trainer* $1000-3000
    Mentored workshop(s)** $500-2000
    Approximate cost to become a Trainer $1500-5000

    *additional charges may be applied for non-Alberta applicants

    **requirement for Alberta applicants

    Host a workshop

    Refer to our Organizer Guide for detailed cost tables and to learn more about hosting a workshop.

      Approximate cost range
    Workshop fee $1000
    Cost per participant $15-40 (min. 5-15* participants)
    Trainer fees* $530-1000 per Trainer (ASIST requires 2 Trainers)
    Approximate cost to host a workshop $1075-4200

    *additional charges may be applied for mileage, accommodations, or other travel costs. If you have certified Trainer(s) within your organization, trainer fees may not apply. 

    Trainer eligibility

    All Trainer candidates must have experience in facilitation and training experience, and a background in suicide and mental health. Trainers must have a valid ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training certificate (within the last 5 years).

    What to expect

    Training for Trainers sessions range from 2 to 5 full days of training, followed by at least 1 mentored workshop for Alberta Trainers. Trainers are also required to facilitate a minimum number of workshops each year, ranging from 1-2 workshops. Please note: Some workshops are offered in-person only whereas others may be available virtually.

    Fill out the form below if you’d like to express interest in potentially becoming a Trainer.