Tomorrow, September 10, is World Suicide Prevention Day. 

In remembrance of those lost to suicide, we encourage you to light a candle or lantern by a window at 8 pm tomorrow. 

All week long, we’ll be raising awareness about suicide and its prevention. 

New publication: Safety plans to prevent suicide

A safety plan is an assets-based approach designed to focus on a person’s strengths. Their unique abilities are identified and emphasized so they can draw on them when their suicidal thoughts become intense. This toolkit will explain what a safety plan is and how to create one together with an individual who may be at risk. Click here to read the toolkit.

Mysterious Barricades

This concert is held coast-to-coast from dawn-til-dusk across Canada. Tune in to the livestream to watch beautiful performances that bring awareness to suicide, or attend a concert in your area

Free workshops

September 10 to 13, We’re offering free workshops all week long thanks to our sponsors: Westland Insurance, Arete HR, Zone 3 Business Solutions and LivingWorks Education Inc

Awareness event

Wednesday, September 11, we’ll be hosting a suicide awareness event in the lobby of the Kahanoff Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Come join us for cookies and coffee and to raise awareness for this issue.