This workshop is intended for Indigenous caregivers working in Indigenous communities.

The Walk With Me workshop draws heavily on Indigenous culture and tradition as it seeks to take participants through the cycle of suicide grief. Indigenous communities are frequently struck with a series of suicide deaths in a short period of time, each of these deaths adding to the already present burden of grief and loss. Bringing community members together for a day of hope and healing builds understanding and strength. This workshop takes the participants on a journey from the past, to the present and looks to the future; it creates a context for people to examine where they are in the grief cycle and how they can move forward to hope.

It is recommended that participants of this workshop also attend the 2-day ASIST workshop for skills-based suicide intervention training.

Workshop Topics:

  • Stories of Indigenous experiences
  • Talking openly about suicide
  • Suicide bereavement model
  • How we heal
  • Developing grief work strategies
  • Self-care


Ages 18+
This workshop provides information and practical approaches for understanding and dealing with our own grief and to better understand others’ grief. It is NOT a replacement for grief counselling nor does it train participants to become counsellors. It is recommended that participants wait a period of time after losing a loved one to suicide before attending this workshop.

Information provided is appropriate for beginner and intermediate social work practice.


All participants will receive a participation certificate upon completing 7 hours of instruction.

Special Accommodations

Please contact the Centre for Suicide Prevention if you need specific accommodations.