This past weekend, Centre for Suicide Prevention’s Mara Grunau spoke at the WeTalks Summit, an event focusing on personal growth, transformation & business success for entrepreneurs.

Melissa Mackey of Ignite Me Now created the event with the goal of allowing fellow entrepreneurs to share their struggles with mental health.

“So many entrepreneurs feel that there’s no hope,” Mackey said. “Our minds are programmed to think that suicide has no relevance to building a business, starting a business, running a business but it actually has everything to do with it because of all these feelings that entrepreneurs experience.”

CSP Executive Director Mara Grunau spoke at the event, and suggested that the isolated nature of some entrepreneurial work may result in heightened risk for suicide or depression.

Conference explores suicide among entrepreneurs

A Calgary entrepreneur held a conference over the weekend with the hope of warning others about the potential risks of suicide among small-business owners. Melissa Mackey, of Ignite Me Now, hosted the event in downtown Calgary aimed at allowing others share their own struggles. “So many entrepreneurs feel that there’s no hope,” she said.