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Every day we scan
news headlines and social media for items of interest to the field of suicide
prevention. Here’s what we found last week: 

Alberta acts on mental health
 – Government of Alberta
Feb. 22, 2016
This past Monday the Government of Alberta released the report of recommendations from
the Mental Health Review Panel, which worked for 6 months last year to identify
gaps in the current system. The Centre for Suicide Prevention was pleased to
see suicide prevention was a priority for the government (p. 29, 31).

Health Review Response (press release)
 – Centre for
Suicide Prevention

Mental Health Review Response
 – Centre for Suicide Prevention
Health Matters: Feb 22 – Global

Feb. 22, 2016
In disussing the Mental Health Review recommendations, Global TV highlighted
the fact that over 500 Albertans die by suicide every year. A mother who lost
her son to suicide is profiled, and CSP’s press release is quoted. 
Opinion: Province’s approach to
mental health is a good start 
– Red Deer Express
Feb. 24, 2016
Mara Grunau was quoted in this opinion piece in the Red Deer Express. 
Opinion: Mental health should be a
 – Lethbridge Herald
Feb. 24, 2016
CSP’s press release is quoted in this article about the Mental Health Review

Suicide in Alberta – Red

Feb. 23, 2016
Mara Grunau discusses why Alberta has such high suicide rates. 

A Poet Self-Destructs – The

March 2016
The tragic story of a poet from Calgary, Murdoch Burnett, is eloquently told by
a friend, who describes Burnett as an artistic inspiration to many. Burnett
became addicted to alcohol, diagnosed with cancer, and eventually died by

Climate change is wreaking havoc on
our mental health, experts say
 – Toronto Star
Feb. 26, 2016
Dr. David Ouchterlony, Ontario provincial coroner and former palliative care
doctor, believes that the dread caused by contemplating climate change and its
effects on future generations may lead some, himself included, to a state of
mental distress. 

Alberta post-secondary minister
looking for mental health funding
 – Metro
Feb. 25, 2016
Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt says he is paying close attention to
student’s mental health needs when putting together the latest provincial

Opinion: Aid for suicide prevention
must be part of federal budget
 – Globe and Mail
Feb. 24, 2016
Michael Wilson, MHCC chairman and former federal finance minister, emphasizes
the need to set aside funds specifically for suicide prevention in the federal

Toronto police board creates new
mental-health committee
 – Toronto Star
Feb. 24, 2016
An external mental health advisory committee will conduct an independent
evaluation of the Toronto police force’s ability to deal with people
experiencing mental illness. The goal of the evaluation is to make sure the
police force offers the best in mental health support for its employees.  

Brazeau’s hospitalization was
result of suicide attempt
 – CTV
Feb. 23, 2016
Sen. Patrick Brazeau, who has faced much public scrutiny in recent years, was
hospitalized last month as a result of a suicide attempt. Sen. Brazeau has
publicly acknowledged that he considered suicide in the past. 

After daughter’s suicide, family
works to fill gap in mental health services
 – CBC 
Feb. 23, 2016
The Maddie Project is an initiative begun
by the parents of Madeline Coulter, after they found that gaps in youth mental
health services, such as the lack of long-term treatment programs for
depression. The project was established in conjunction with the North York
General Hospital, and will build a youth mental health facility on hospital

Why are so many black kids dying
from suicide?
 – Think Progress
Feb. 22, 2016
2015 Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) study
 found that the rate of black
children (ages 5-11) dying by suicide  has doubled between 1993 and 2013 meanwhile,
the rate among Caucasian kids has actually declined. Suicide is
now the third leading cause of death among black people aged 15-24. One social
worker attributes these rates to the stigma surrounding mental health in the
black community. 

Uber, but for the mirror stage: How
mental-health apps are changing therapy
 – New York

Feb. 22, 2016
There are numerous mental health apps available for smart phones that offer an
alternative, or a supplement, to therapy. The article notes that though these
apps may be helpful for some mental health issues, others, such as addiction,
abuse, or self-harm, should be dealt with by a professional. 

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