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Every day we scan news headlines and social media for items of interest to the field of suicide prevention. Here’s what we found last week: 

Indigenous suicide prevention top priority following convention CBC 
May 28, 2016
In last week’s national party convention, the Liberal Party voted to prioritize the issue of Indigenous suicide. They will work on a “nation-to-nation basis” with the aim of developing a national youth suicide prevention strategy. 

Quebec Cree youth head to Attawapiskat to deliver letters of hope after suicide spiralCBC 
May 28, 2016
30 students from Quebec Cree communities in James Bay flew to Attawapiskat to deliver letters of hope and encouragement for their peers in that community, which is suffering an ongoing suicide crisis. Youth Grand Chief Alex Moses hopes that lasting friendships and the opportunity for collaboration come out of the visit. 

‘We’re taking this very seriously’: Nunavik leaders on suicide crisis CBC
May 27, 2016
Leaders in Nunavik, an Inuit territory in Quebec will be looking at improving access to mental health resources and improving living conditions as a way to prevent more suicides. The region has recently experienced 12 suicide deaths.

Nunavik community takes action against youth suicideNunatsiaq Online
May 26, 2016
An online fundraising campaign is looking to raise money to help contribute to suicide prevention initiatives in the region of Nunavik, where suicide rates are high. The community has identified partners to draft a suicide prevention plan that will prevent further suicide attempts and offer support to bereaved family members. 

Shining a light on the suicide crisis in Quebec’s Inuit and aboriginal communities Montreal Gazette
May 26, 2016
Quebec’s Nunavik region has experienced 10 suicides in less than 5 months, and now fundraisers are being held to help contribute funds to the region. Beatrice Deer, a native of Nunavik, says that life in the region was tough, and that she even had to move away from her community to get the mental health help that she needed.

Exam pressure and relationship breakdowns linked to suicide among young people Independent
May 26, 2016
A new report of 145 young people who died by suicide in England has revealed that many of those who died experienced significant school-related stress as well as bullying. Self-harm, bereavement, and physical illness were also found to be common factors in the youth who died. 

Suicide: Russian girl’s death prompts national debate BBC 
May 26, 2016
The suicide death of a Russian girl, just 12 years old, has brought attention to online subcultures that attract vulnerable  young people and encourages them to kill themselves. According to one article, more than 80 suicides can be attributed to these groups. The groups are regularly shut down but reappear shortly after. Russia has the 3rd highest youth suicide rate in the world. 

Watch the language of suicide Winnipeg Free Press
May 26, 2016
This article talks about how to sensitively talk about suicide. Phrases such as “committed suicide,” “successful suicide,” and “failed suicide attempt” are found to be hurtful, inaccurate, and shrouded in shame and stigma. 

Canadian military personnel more likely than civilians to think about suicide but also to seek helpScienceDaily
May 24, 2016
A new study released by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) has found that members of the Canadian Armed Forces are at higher risk for suicide ideation than the general public. They were also significantly more likely to seek mental health help than the general public. 

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