John Fluevog Shoes Calgary raised $6,778 for the Centre for Suicide Prevention last Thursday, November 14. Thank you to John Fluevog Shoes Calgary for your donation and to our supporters for coming out to buy shoes!

This was our 4th annual fundraiser at the Calgary location, and earlier this year, John Fluevog Shoes Edmonton hosted a fundraiser as well, donating $2,337 to the Centre.

In total, John Fluevog Shoes Calgary has now given a total of $29,749 to the Centre for Suicide Prevention over these past four years.

We were honoured to have been joined by John Fluevog himself at this year’s event, along with his partner, Ruth.

Thank you to our ongoing supporters, like Tyler and Collin pictured below, who have come to the event again and again, and to those who came to the event for the first time!