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Table of Contents

    Application Deadline: At least 1 calendar month prior to T4T start date

    Interested in becoming a Trainer? Are you…

    • direct and open about suicide in addition to being interested in the subject;
    • an established presenter with well-developed facilitation skills;
    • committed to preparation, practice, and delivering the workshop;
    • experienced with suicide intervention;
    • experienced in working with youth and/or children;
    • knowledgeable in adult learning principles; and
    • adept at using current technology?

    Applications must be received at least 1 calendar month prior to the start date of the T4T.
    (Applications may still be considered within 1 calendar month of the start date, depending on availability.)

    Applications require the following information:

    • Completed application form
    • Copy of your current Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) certificate
    • Current resume
    • Letter of interest addressing the following:
      a) your interest in being a Trainer;
      b) your suitability (see bullet points above); and
      c) your experience as a group facilitator.
    • Two reference letters — work and/or volunteer-related, from people who are familiar with your role as a caregiver and facilitator.

    Applicants will receive confirmation of acceptance by email.

    Cancellation Policy

    If for some reason you are not accepted into the T4T, or if you cancel on or before the application deadline, your deposit of $500 will not be returned. No refunds will be offered after the deadline. CSP reserves the right to cancel the T4T, in which case all fees will be fully reimbursed.

    Some useful definitions

    • Provisional Trainer Status: designation given upon completion of T4T prior to attaining Full Trainer Status
    • Full Status Trainer: designation upon successful completion of T4T, mentorship, and required workshops
    • Mentors: are Full Status Trainers who take on the role of mentoring Provisional Trainers (Please note: Any references to Mentors/mentorships only apply to all Small Talk and Looking Forward applicants and Alberta applicants for all workshops).
    • System Trainers vs Community Trainers: System Trainers facilitate workshops internally for their own organization. Community Trainers facilitate workshops independently, outside of their organization.

    More about Mentorship

    You will be assigned to work with a Mentor.Read More

    A Mentor’s role is to:

    • help you prepare for your first workshop;
    • help you better apply the content;
    • support you in person, via phone, and/or video conferencing;
    • provide you with an opportunity to practice the delivery of certain sections of the workshop;
    • provide you with feedback and recommendations; and
    • submit an evaluation of you, the Provisional Trainer, to CSP.

    The mentorship program is designed to help you apply the knowledge you gain in the T4T classroom. Typically, a Provisional Trainer completes 1 mentorship before facilitating a workshop independently. In unusual circumstances, a Mentor may recommend that a Provisional Trainer take more time preparing before delivering the workshop, or recommend further mentorship. In very rare and extenuating circumstances, it may be recommended that a Provisional Trainer discontinue with the program. Should this happen, CSP will review the matter thoroughly and make a decision based on their review. Any further costs associated with the recommendations will be the responsibility of the Provisional Trainer.