Year: 2023 Source: Washington, DC: Author. (2023). 27 p. SIEC No: 20230713
The enclosed report expands on the following priority areas and outlines critical research gaps and opportunities in each priority area. Cross-cutting research priorities 1. Advancing equity in promoting mental health and in understanding, preventing, identifying, and treating mental health conditions 2. Understanding and leveraging digital mental health interventions 3. Supporting and expanding the mental health workforce Topical research priorities 4. Increasing the availability, quality, and impact of interventions for mental disorders in health care systems, communities, and justice settings 5. Integrating substance use and mental health research and treatment 6. Developing and improving treatments for serious mental illnesses 7. Preventing fatal and non-fatal suicide outcomes 8. Supporting youth mental health These research priorities are built on a foundation of mental health research that has long been supported by the Federal Government. It is our hope that this report will increase coordination across the Federal agencies  that support or perform mental health research, inform Federal resource allocation, and identify and maximize opportunities for agency collaboration while minimizing duplication.