Year: 2022 Source: Military Medicine, (2022). Published 14 April 2022. SIEC No: 20220349

Veteran suicide is a growing topic for public health concern. Despite enhancements from the Department of Veterans Health Administration, clinicians continue to struggle to identify and engage veterans at risk for suicide.
Materials and Methods
Examining suicide prevention efforts, epidemiology, risk factors, and barriers to care; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Governor’s Challenges identified lethal means as one of 3 priority areas to focus on in during this agenda.
The writers identified gaps within the current literature as an area for future research on lethal means within the veteran population and opportunity for intervention with concealed pistol license curriculum.
This article ends with recommendations for further research on veteran suicides, acquisition of concealed pistol licenses, and advocacy for legislative change to require suicide prevention resources and education to be included in the training curriculum for concealed pistol license holders.