Year: 2017 Source: Clinical Psychological Science. (2017). doi:10.1177/21677026166868 SIEC No: 20170368

Suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide. Prior research has focused primarily on sociodemographic and psychiatric
risk factors with little improvement in the prediction or prevention of suicidal behavior over time. The Research Domain
Criteria (RDoC) may be an especially useful framework for advancing research in this area. This article provides a
brief and broad overview of research on suicidal behavior relating to each of the RDoC domains—highlighting the
RDoC construct(s) where research has focused, the construct(s) where research is lacking, and suggestions for future
research directions. We also discuss major challenges for suicide research within the RDoC framework, including the
intersection of RDoC domains, interaction of domains with the environment, incorporation of developmental stage,
integration of distal and proximal processes, and inclusion of suicide-specific constructs. We conclude by underscoring
important considerations for future research aimed at using the RDoC framework to study suicidal behavior and other
forms of psychopathology.