Year: 2023 Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (2023). 20(3), 2259. SIEC No: 20230444
Suicide is a global problem, ranking among the leading causes of death in many countries across the world. Most people who die by suicide are “under the radar”, having never seen a mental health professional or been diagnosed with a mental illness. This article describes the protective factors for men experiencing suicidal thoughts, plans, and/or attempts who are “under the radar”. Using in-depth qualitative interviews, we aimed to understand stakeholder perspectives on the protective factors that influence men’s wellbeing. The pervasiveness of relational connectedness in men’s narratives was identified as a central protective factor. Other key protective factors included meaningful activity, empowerment, and hope. These results have the potential to facilitate the development of focused community initiatives. More generally, the current research offers an example of a qualitative inquiry into men’s wellbeing that focuses on strengths and positive factors in their lives and may provide a guide for future community-based suicide prevention research.