Year: 2017 Source: Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Publisher Ltd. (2014). 341 p. SIEC No: 20170419

Some researchers in the field of suicidology think that the old theories of suicide are too constraining and impede advances in the understanding of suicide. However the book’s authors are not quite so critical of past theories. In the book they review the classic theories of suicide, both psychological and sociological, because they are the foundation of our current theories and also propose the skeletons of possible future theories. The goal of the text is to present researchers with theories to guide their research, encourage them to modify these theories, perhaps meld them together in some cases, and think how they might propose new theories. Presented in three sections, the first reviews significant psychological theories including: Suicide as Escape; Interpersonal-Psychological theory; The Role of Defeat and Entrapment in Suicidal Behavior; Suicide, Ethology and Sociobiology; Stress-Diatheses; Cognitive Theories; Learning Perspective on Suicide; Theories of Personality and Suicide; Typological Theories; and the Pathophysiology of Suicide. The second section of the text addresses Sociological and Economic Theories including: Suicide as Deviance, Naroll’s Thwarting Disorientation Theory, three classic sociological theories as well as several minor theories. A comprehensive chapter on economic theories is offered by Bijou Yang. The final section concentrates on Critical Thoughts About Theories of Suicide, a new and growing influence in academia and scholarship.