Year: 2019 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2019). 23(2):289-311. SIEC No: 20190484

Men’s suicide rates may be influenced by difficulties recognizing externalizing depressive symptoms in men that adhere to hegemonic masculine gender role norms. The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability of externalizing depressive symptoms, internalizing depressive symptoms, and hegemonic masculinity in predicting the existence and severity of suicidal ideation. Homeless men (n = 94) completed questionnaires at a resource center in the Rocky Mountain Western United States. Internalizing symptoms predicted the existence of suicidal ideation, and both externalizing and internalizing symptoms predicted increased severity of suicidal ideation. The masculine norms violence and playboy were correlated with men’s suicidal ideation. An externalizing-internalizing model of predicting suicide in men and men’s adherence to certain masculine gender role norms may be valuable to further efforts in suicide assessment and prevention.