Year: 2019 Source: Journal of Clinical Psychology. (2019). Published online 29 May 2019. SIEC No: 20190432

It is important to understand factors that moderate the likelihood of developing suicidal thoughts following traumatic exposure and posttraumatic stress symptoms.
In this cross‐sectional study, a moderated atemporal mediation analysis was conducted in a sample of 709 college students (71% female, M age = 19.90 years, 67% Caucasian) to test the associations between trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, and suicidal ideation, with grit entered as a moderator of all paths in the equation.
PTSD symptoms mediated the association between trauma and suicidal ideation. Grit moderated the direct pathway from PTSD symptoms to suicidal ideation.
Grit and other constructs of resiliency may inform strength‐focused interventions to remediate the impact of trauma and posttraumatic stress symptoms and potentially reduce suicidal thoughts and risk for suicide.