Year: 2020 Source: Journal of Indigenous Research. (2016). 5:2. SIEC No: 20200505

Hope is considered a protective factor for suicide prevention in Māori communities. In this small study, twenty-one Māori youth in four at risk communities participated in a digital media project on the constituents of HOPE. The preliminary results show that a positive relationship with peers and family is critical for the maintenance of hope in the lives of these Māori youth. The constituents of HOPE identified in this study include; a supportive non-judgmental family, particularly important for queer/LGBTI Māori youth; stable family relationships; knowledge of one’s cultural identity, exposure to opportunities to learn about being Māori; faith and capacity to envisage a life beyond the immediate struggle for survival and to set and achieve personal goals. This preliminary study will inform an extended study with Māori youth and development of a Māori measure of HOPE to guide suicide prevention efforts in the future.