Year: 2017 Source: Archives of Suicide Research.(2017). 21(1):52-61. SIEC No: 20170117

This study evaluated the concurrent validity of a brief suicide risk screener for adults in the emergency department (ED). Two versions of the verbally administered Patient Safety Screener (2-item, 3-item) were compared to a reference standard, the Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSSI). Analyses included measures of agreement (Kappa). Agreement between the Patient Safety Screener-2 and -3 and the BSSI (n = 951) was almost perfect for overall positive screening (K = 0.94–0.95) and past suicide attempts (K = 0.97–0.98). Agreement on ideation ranged from fair (K = 0.34) for the 2 item version to good (K = 0.61) for the 3 item version. The Patient Safety Screener’s concurrent validity with the BSSI ranged from fair to almost perfect and warrants additional study.

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