Year: 2018 Source: Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. (2018). 48(2): 169-182. SIEC No: 20180286

Longitudinal associations between being bullied during adolescence and suicide ideations, self‐harm, and suicide attempts into young adulthood were examined. A large representative sample was examined in 1998 (N = 2,464, MA 13.7), 1999/2000, and 2012 to reassess the outcome measures. At all ages, bullied participants showed more suicide ideation, self‐harm, and suicide attempts, regardless of gender. Bullied females showed a decrease in suicide ideation from adolescence to adulthood, while bullied males showed an increase in suicide attempts in the same time period. Being bullied in adolescence strongly predicts suicidal behavior and self‐harm. Preventive efforts might reduce the risk of later suicidality.