Year: 2023 Source: Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. (2020), 50(2), 490-501. SIEC No: 20230167
Objective To assess the impact of the “Pause. Call. Be Heard” campaign on help-seeking and suicidal behaviors within rail environment in Victoria, Australia. Methods An anonymous online survey was conducted to measure noticeability of and engagement with the campaign and help-seeking intentions and behaviors among rail commuters at 10 rail stations. We generated descriptive statistics to report these data and used logistic regression models to examine the association between campaign-related factors and help-seeking. Changes in Lifeline crisis calls and rail suicide behaviors from precampaign to campaign periods were examined using proportion tests. Results About 25% of rail commuters noticed the campaign and rated the materials as “moderately noticeable.” Over half of these individuals correctly identified the campaign intentions and 75% engaged with the materials. Approximately 80% indicated that the materials increased their help-seeking intentions and about half indicated that they had engaged with help-seeking and/or self-caring behaviors. Engaging with the campaign was positively associated with help-seeking. A significant increase in crisis calls but not in suicide-related calls, and a nonsignificant decrease in rail suicidal behaviors were found during the campaign period. Conclusions Continued implementation of the campaign is warranted as it showed some desirable effects on help-seeking among rail commuters.