Year: 2019 Source: [S.l.]: Author. (2018). 12 p. SIEC No: 20190650

The Canadian Children’s Charter was created with input from thousands of children and youth from coast to coast to coast. The process began in 2017, as young Canadians from all walks of  life contributed their ideas through online forums, workshops and a survey. The consultations culminated in a National Summit in Ottawa on National Child Day in  November 2017, where children and youth worked together with adult allies from government,  civil society and the private sector to create the first draft of the Canadian Children’s Charter.  The draft was released in a press conference at the National Media Gallery on Parliament Hill on  November 22, 2017, and widely disseminated across the country. Further consultations took place in the months that followed, and children and youth gathered  again at the Charter Forum in Ottawa in June 2018 to further revise the draft. A working group  of children and youth then worked to finalize the document in its current format.  The Children’s Charter has taken many forms, including as a written document, as well in  creative forms that represent the themes and issues requiring urgent action, including pictures,  drama and music.