Year: 2017 Source: Archives of Suicide Research.(2017).21(1):33-51. SIEC No: 20170116

This study explores whether four sessions of attention bias modification (ABM) decreases suicide-specific attentional bias. We conducted two experiments where suicide ideators completed either a Training or Control version of ABM, a computer-based intervention intended to target attentional bias. Suicide-specific attentional bias was measured using adapted Stroop and probe discrimination tasks. The first experiment with community-based suicide ideators did not show that ABM impacts attentional bias or suicidal ideation. The second experiment with clinically severe suicidal inpatients yielded similar results. Post-hoc findings suggest that the type of attentional bias targeted by the current intervention may differ from the type that marks suicide risk. There remains little to no evidence that the ABM intervention changes suicide-specific attentional bias or suicidal ideation.

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