Year: 2020 Source: Psicologia em Estudo. (2020). 25:42427. DOI: 10.4025/psicolestud.v25i0.42427 SIEC No: 20200533

Suicide can be understood as the undesirable outcome resulting from a complex interaction of factors, and its outcome generates intense impacts on the family and society as a whole. Considering that for each suicide about 100 people are affected, even so, these receive little or no support, and still, that mourning/grief for suicide has specificities that can complicate the process; the action of the intervention after a suicide is amplified as essential. This article describes and bases the process of construction and management, through a voluntary initiative of Psychology professionals, a support group for suicide survivors / bereaved in the city of Maringá, PR/Brazil, started in September 2016 and maintained monthly and free participation. The support groups represent fundamental resources of emotional support in the postvention, being considered space of listening, recognition, legitimation and support to people mourning/grief or intensely impacted by suicide, thus making it possible to construct meanings for loss and an adaptation to the ongoing process of re-signification.