Year: 2022 Source: Journal of Correctional Health Care. (2020). 26(3), 279-291. SIEC No: 20220865
Using data from the National Violent Death Reporting System (2003–2014), this study examined the characteristics and contributing circumstances of suicides in correctional facilities. χ2 and logistic regression analyses revealed that, compared to nonincarcerated suicide decedents, incarcerated suicide decedents had significantly lower odds of positive toxicology for substances but significantly higher odds of substance abuse problems. Descriptive subanalyses indicated that incarcerated suicide decedents often were incarcerated for personal crimes. They often died ≤ 1 week of incarceration, in a cell (frequently single-person or segregation), by hanging, using bedding material. Positive toxicology was more common for incarcerated decedents who died shortly after versus later in their incarceration. Findings highlight the need for enhanced detection and treatment of suicidal behavior, especially during early and vulnerable periods of incarceration.